Revelation Unlocked

 I have used the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' Cycle of 25,920 years to unlock the words of the 'Book of Revelation' and the 'Book of Daniel' from the Bible. See the Precessionary pictures in the Photo Gallery which show where each of the time periods belong on this Great Clock in the heavens. We are now at the 7th time period that is named as the church/lampstand of 'Laodicea'.  This is the time period where God says that we shall be spit out. I have found this church/lampstand to go from @650 A.D. and last until @3,890 A.D., so we must be watchful for the time at hand for the end to come and a new beginning to take place. We are now near the northern pole star 'Polaris', which is closest to this Circle at around 2,100 A.D. We are in the Green color of the color wheel spectrum during this time period. We are also now in the age or zodiac sign of 'Aquarius'. 'Capricorn' comes next at around 3,890 A.D. We enter the G-olden age at 'Saggatarius' after that. Please read each chapter here which will help you understand the prophetic significance which shall be unfolded to you. See writings regarding the 'Little Horn' which points to the 7th out of 10 horns/kings/toes (time periods) that arises in the year 1946 A.D. if  in fact 'Laodicea' and the 10 horns begin at 650 A.D. This 7th horn (time period) will be shorter than the others and the 3 last horns/kings/toes will fall. This 7th of the 7th time period would then end before the year 2162 A.D. Therefore I believe the end will come sometime between 1946 A.D. and 2162 A.D. and we shall then have a new beginning. With these writings I am hoping to bring some type of connection to all the differing beliefs in our world and a more unified and peaceful future for all of mankind.