Revelation Unlocked

The a b c's in the Stars

If one begins with an ‘a’ and extends its leg and adds another ‘o’, then it becomes a backward ‘B’. Since ‘b’ comes after ‘a’ we can place them in an around about fashion and label 4 sections or quadrants as ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, and ‘d’.   We can then place these 4 quadrant places in the night sky as shown below.  This shows the structure of the Great Clock Circle known as the ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ or the ‘Precession of the Ages’.

It takes approximately 25,920 years to complete one revolution around this Zodiac Circle.  The brightest pole star ‘Vega’ was the star in which all the stars of the northern hemisphere seemed to revolve around from one night to the next at about the year 12,310 B.C.  We now have ‘Polaris’ as our northern pole star on this circular path of the ages.  We are thought to be in the age of ‘Aquarius’ also at this time.  Each of the 4 quadrants would then last for approximately 6,480 years.  If we put the circular part of the ‘b’ around the brightest pole star ‘Vega’ in its quadrant, then it looks like a giant ‘eye in the sky’.  If we then go back to the beginning of ‘a’, it takes us to approximately 22,030 B.C. This is where ‘Aquarius’ ended and ‘Capricorn’ began back then.  The ‘c’ quadrant comes after the ‘b’ then at approximately 9,070 B.C. where ‘Leo’ ends and ‘Cancer’ begins.  The ‘c’ section would then last until approximately 2,590 B.C. to the end of ‘Taurus’ and the beginning of ‘Aries’.  We are now in the quadrant of ‘d’ which also includes ‘Pisces’ and ‘Aquarius’, which shall end at about 3,890 A.D.  The ‘e’ stands for enlightenment and then comes to overlap the ‘a’ quadrant of the past. The end of the ‘e’ comes at around 10,370 A.D. where the ‘f’ then stands to overshadow the ‘g’, which overlays the old ‘b’.

“Our ‘f’-at-her which art in h-ea-v-n” (heavy-n or heavy-in):  This ‘f’ is situated at the constellation of the ‘Northern Cross’ or ‘Cygnus’ which houses one of the brightest stars of our Galaxy ‘Deneb’. The ‘h’ is placed using the same leg as the ‘f’ and it is like a heavy ‘n’. This point in time is around 10,370 A.D. of our future.

“Give us this day our daily bread” (‘b’-our-head). The brightest northern pole star ‘Vega’ is here surrounded by the ‘b’ and is in the red (our-head) section of the spectrum around this throne (the ‘Precession of the Ages’ circle of time).