Revelation Unlocked

Chapter 12

Who is this woman clothed with the sun of Chapter 12? If we break the word 'woman' to pieces then we can break the code. First we have 'w' or 'double you' - 'o'. This equals 'oo' or 'a' quadrant + 'b' quadrant. It also says 'am-'a'-in for the 'man' part of the word. So this means that the 'a' quadrant is her beginning. The 'Precessionary Circle' could be this woman clothed with the sun (clothed with stars or clothed with the 'star of David' formed by the triangles of the primary and secondary colors of the color wheel). The moon (am-'oo'-in) is under her feet or 'a' and 'b' quadrants are in her past. The round circle of the 'Precessionary Circle' is as a pregnant belly of a woman. Upon her head are a crown ('see'-rown) of 12 stars or the 12 signs (ages) of the zodiac.

Then we have a 'Great Red Dragon' being the 'Draco' constellation that trails its way through the center of the 'Precessionary Cycle'. This winding 'serpent'/'dragon' has 7 heads (time periods) that are crowned because they have been revealed as being the 7 churches from earlier in the prophecy. The 10 horns are crowned later in Chapter 13 as smaller time periods of 216 years each within the 8th head. They last as one hour (2,160 years = 1/12 of the 'Great Clock') as 10 'kings' that reign with the beast as we shall see later.

The dragon's tail (where 'Thuban' pole star resides) draws 1/3 of the stars of heaven and throws them to the earth. The 'blue' 1/3 of the 3 primary colors makes up 1/3 of the stars of the sky. The 'woman' delivered and brought forth a 'male child' or the quadrant of 'c' gave birth to the 'd' quadrant (which is 'as a man's face).  It was to be devoured by the 'dragon' as soon as it was born. This 'male child' was to rule all nations with a 'rod of iron' ('our'-'o'-'d' of  'eye'-are-on).

Then this 'woman' flies into the 'W'-ilderness on 2 wings of a 'Great Eagle' (of the 'flying eagle' quadrant) where she is fed from the face of the 'Dragon' or the 'Draco' constellation. The 'flying eagle' quadrant represents the 'e' quadrant of 'enlightenment' of our minds. The woman is nourished for a time, times, and 1/2 a time (this again points to the 1,260 year period that is between the 'W' of Cassiopia's Chair constellation).