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It is Written in the Stars

It Is Written in the Stars


John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word. The word was with God, and the word was God”.


There are 4 quadrants or sections of stars in the sky as we look to the heavens above and to the ‘Precession of the Ages’.  We can label these 4 quadrants with our English alphabet as ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, and ‘d’.  If we start at the b-eginning, the ‘o’ of the ‘b’ goes around the brightest northern pole star, ‘Vega’. (hallowed or haloed 'b' thy name). This then looks like a giant ‘eye’ in the sky with the star ‘Vega’ as the pupil. The leg of this ‘b’ then goes back to the beginning of the ‘a’, which is actually the first quadrant.  The time of around 22,030 B.C. is where the ‘a’ begins.  This is very close to the northern pole star of ‘Errai’, which is at the top of the pyramid shaped constellation of ‘Cepheus’.  This is also where ‘Aquarius’ ended and ‘Capricorn’ began. 

The ‘Precession of the Ages’ is thought by many to have one revolution that goes all the way around in about 25,920 years.  Therefore, around the time of 12,310 B.C. was the point in which our brightest northern pole star ‘Vega’ was seen in the sky as the place where all the northern stars seemed to revolve around from one night to the next.  This shall happen again as we reach this northern pole star at around 13,610 A.D.  We now have the star ‘Polaris’ that we look to as our northern pole star.

The 4 ‘Great beasts’ around the throne of God are written about in the ‘Book of Revelation’ and in ‘Ezekiel’ from the Holy Bible.  There is a ‘Lion’, a ‘Calf or OX’, a ‘man’s face’ and a ‘flying eagle’.  I believe that these are also the 4 quadrants that I have mentioned above that go around the ‘Precession of the Ages’.  I believe the ‘e’ or ‘a’ quadrant is as a man’s enlightened mind as one sees things from a higher vantage point as an ‘eagle in flight’ sees things.  The Lion is the king of the beasts and has the ‘L’ as the quadrant with the ‘i’ or ‘eye’  ‘on’ it.  This describes the ‘b’ quadrant with the pole star ‘Vega’ as the pupil of the giant ‘eye’ in the sky. ('b'-our-head='bread' or be-'red' as red is the most powerful color!) As we come to the ‘c’ quadrant  we are then at the one half way point around this ‘Great Circle’.  The word ‘Calf’ can be broken to say ‘see’ – ‘half’.  This ‘C’ is as an open mouth of a man’s face.  This time includes approximately 9,070 B.C. until 2,590 B.C., and is possibly a time when human language was first developed on the earth.  The quadrant of ‘c’ comes after ‘b’ and included the ages of ‘Cancer’, ‘Gemini’, and ‘Taurus’.  Quadrant ‘d’ began at around 2,590 B.C. at the beginning of ‘Aries’ and includes ‘Picses’ and the time we are now in as ‘Aquarius’.  The ‘d’ or ‘daleth’ stands for ‘door’.  ‘e’ comes after ‘d’ and overlaps the ‘a’. ‘e’ begins the word ‘enlightenment’ and includes the time periods between approximately 3,890 A.D. until the time of 10,370 A.D., where ‘f’ resides giving way to the ‘g’, which overlays our old ‘b’ quadrant at the pole star ‘Vega’. This time in our future is where all will live in harmony with each other and the earth. We shall then have gone through the Golden age of enlightenment!  (Our 'f'-at-her which 'art' in heaven, hallowed or haloed 'b' (be) thy name!)